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The SpeedQB NCR Extendo Pouch (NCR-EXO) is a dual compartment pouch designed to expand your Nucleus Chest Rig (NCR) base to a primary ammo retention system. 


NCR-EXO features 2 collapsible compartments that allow the player to increase and customize their ammo carry. Store up to 6 AR/M4 style magazines, 8 Pistol magazines, or a combination that suits your needs. Compatible with SpeedB Proton Magazine Pouches (all types).


Minimalist design for low profile and quick magazine access. Collapsible, fold-away top flap covers both compartments when not in use for magazines.


The NCR-EXO serves as a placard on top of the NCR base, when used in combination with the NCR Hybrid Pouch in “Plate Carrier Mode”.  Check out the NCR Hybrid Pouch (NCR-HP) HERE.


The 9″x 4″ loop velcro section is NCR Quikstrip™ compatible and also serves as an area for your favorite patches or accessories.


Compatible with the following SpeedQB products:

SpeedQB Nucleus Chest Rig 

SpeedQB Nucleus Chest Rig Quikstrip

SpeedQB Proton Magazine Pouch

SpeedQB NCR Hybrid Pouch

SpeedQB CMB Cummerbund

SpeedQB AtomPack


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