SpeedQB Handstyle Decal - Red


SpeedQB "Handstyle" - Vinyl Decal
In Solid Red.

1 Vinyl decal. 6" Width x 2.75" Tall.
Comes with backing and transfer tape for easy application.

Adheres to Smooth Glass, Plastics, Painted, Metal surfaces.
(Not ideal for Wood, Textured surfaces, or Wet surfaces.)

Make sure surface is clean and dry before applying.
Secure top transfer tape layer before pulling off backing.
Decal should be adhered to top transfer tape layer.
Position and apply the decal & transfer tape to surface, apply even pressure over entire decal & transfer tape so that decal adheres to surface securely. Carefully and slowly peel off the transfer tape. (If decal lifts with tape, re-secure the decal to surface and carefully peel again)