Established in 2016, SpeedQB® is the premier competitive airsoft league format. SpeedQB foregoes the traditional limitations of airsoft, offering a fast-paced, competitive format for airsoft teams to compete and shine on a worldwide stage. As a result, SpeedQB has evolved what was traditionally a game, into an international Sport community, complete with regional events, standardized field configurations, rules & regulations, and rankings.

SpeedQB® Products

Recognizing a void in Accessories, Gear, and Hardware designed to meet the demands of the most discerning airsoft athlete, our design team set out to create and innovate. As a brand, our objective is to design and produce gear of the highest value and quality for SpeedQB players, by SpeedQB players. Our first foray into gear design was the release of the Molle-Cule Belt System, an ergonomic battle belt with quick loadout swap functionality. From there, we began creating the pieces to complete the puzzle: the Neutron Dump Pouch, Proton Magazine Pouch, Nucleus Chest Rig, and most recently the AtomPacK. The DNA of our design philosophy is MODULARITY, the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined, with the benefit of flexibility and variety in use. Our goal is to develop a completely modular, head-to-toe gear solution for airsofters.

SpeedQB® Partnerships

SpeedQB is about building community and strives to cultivate relationships with industry leaders that share the vision. SpeedQB has a history of partnering with companies and individuals to help grow the sport on all levels. For more information please reach out here: marketing@speedqb.com