SpeedQB® is a fast-paced style of airsoft first developed in Southern California. SpeedQB is a teamwork-centric, high-speed style of playing Airsoft. SpeedQB foregoes traditional limitations with a focus on creativity, efficiency, and team chemistry.


SpeedQB has progressed into a Sport, complete with a Field Configuration, Rules & Regulations, Point System, Global Rankings, and Penalties. See our “Sport > Format” Page for details.


The first SpeedQB Invitationals was held in July 2016. The sport has evolved into regional seasons and qualifiers around the world, laddering up to the National Championship which is held annually in Southern California.


We are all different in our own way. The connecting bond between SpeedQB players around the world sums up what SpeedQB is: Our style is a true echo of what happens on the field. Nothing else.


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